The following is a guide for property owners to use when considering lot or parcel boundary changes. Depending on what is intended to be accomplished, there are several procedures that have been established to officially create these parcel changes. The goal of this guide is to minimize confusion about how to accomplish changes to parcel boundaries and what procedure is used to create them.

PARCELIZATIONS - Dividing a Parcel to Create One or More New Large Parcels

Property can be divided into parcels of five acres or more through Parcelization.

SUBDIVISION - Dividing a Parcel to Create One or More New Smaller Lots

Means any land vacant or improved which is divided or proposed to be divided into two or more lots, parcels, sites, units, plats, or interests for the purpose of offer, sale, lease, or development. “Subdivision” includes the division or development of residentially and nonresidentially zoned land, whether by deed, metes and bounds description, or other recorded instruments.

(1) Major Subdivision means all subdivisions not classified as minor subdivisions including, but not limited to, subdivisions of three or more lots, or any size subdivision requiring any new street or extension of the local governmental facilities, or the creation of any public improvements.

(2) Minor Subdivision means any subdivision containing not more than two lots fronting on, or having access to, an existing street, not including creating any new street or road, or the extension of municipal facilities, or the creation of any public improvements, and not adversely affecting the remainder of the parcel for adjoining property, and not in conflict with any provision or portion of the comprehensive plan, thoroughfare plan, zoning code, or these regulations.

LOT LINE ADJUSTMENTS - Shifting an Existing Lot Line
Lot lines between lots in recorded subdivisions where both parcels have common zoning can be shifted through the Lot Line Adjustment Procedure. Adjusted lots must meet all requirements such as minimum lot size and building setbacks, and no additional lots are created. Owners interested in this procedure should meet with the Area Plan Commission staff to show a conceptual drawing of how the lot is proposed to be adjusted, and recommendations on deed preparations.

ENFORCEMENT: City Code   County Code
Dividing and deeding off property without following these procedures is a violation of the City and County land development codes. The Area Plan Commission will not issue any permits for these illegal properties until code compliance is achieved. Problems can also arise on properties that are in violation when an owner attempts to sell. Banks frequently contact the APC to verify code compliance before granting loans to buyers.

Ask if You Have Questions

The Area Plan Commission staff is always available to the public to answer questions about revising lot lines, the procedures mentioned above, or about any other code requirements for land development. Individuals with questions are encouraged to contact us. It could save both time and money.

Last updated: 5/8/2014 8:11:30 AM